Kenya Launches Groundbreaking Training Handbook to Combat Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

Kenya's National Council on the Administration of Justice (NCAJ) has launched a training handbook on the investigation and prosecution of online child sexual exploitation and abuse (OCSEA) in Kenya.

The handbook was developed with technical support from UNICEF Kenya, a grantee of the Safe Online Initiative at the End Violence Partnership, and launched by the Hon. Lady Justice Martha K. Koome, Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court of Kenya & Chairperson, National Council on the Administration of Justice.

Marija Manojlovic, Safe Online Director, spoke at the launch event and highlighted the need for ensuring effective justice for children. “There is an urgent need to streamline the justice process for children. When implemented well, for example via ‘one-stop’ centres, it can provide a child-friendly setting for child victims, and facilitate collaboration and coordination between support services”, she said. 

The handbook is a huge step forward in training officers in the justice system on handling OCSEA cases in the child’s best interests. “The training package is a major step in implementing the Children Act. It will help in enforcing laws such as the Sexual Offences Act, which are designed to protect children online,” said Dominic Stolarow, UNICEF Kenya’s representative at the launch event. 

Safe Online has been supporting key actors in Kenya to ensure:

    • frontline workers have the knowledge and skills to prevent and respond to online CSEA
    • improved laws and standards for quality services, including the Kenya Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Protection Unit that manages cases of online CSEA 
    • community outreach on online safety for children, caregivers and teachers.

Safe Online is proud to be a partner in Kenya’s journey towards a safe digital future for children.

Read the handbook here and view the work of Safe Online here

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