Who we are

Safe Online exists to catalyse and accelerate innovative solutions making the internet and digital world a safe place for children to explore, learn and develop.

To put it simply

Our purpose

To protect and empower children in the digital world.

Protecting childhood online.


Our vision

A digital world where every child can explore, learn and thrive, free from harm. 

Our mission

Through investing in innovation and bringing key actors together, Safe Online helps shape a digital world that is safe and empowering for all children and young people, everywhere.

Safe Online is the only global investment vehicle dedicated to keeping children safe in the digital world. We strengthen systems and catalyse innovative solutions to make the internet a safe place for children to explore, learn and develop.

As an investment platform, our mission is to foster a digital environment where every child feels safe and empowered. We achieve this by investing in evidence, solutions, cutting-edge technologies and cross-sectoral programmes and capacities, each aimed at addressing online child sexual exploitation, abuse and other digital harms.

Through our investments, we build a  global evidence base, seed and grow partnerships and facilitate advocacy and collective action for the rights and safety of children in the digital world.

The internet is still a new technology where coordinated effort to improve safety and enhance human rights is more vital than ever. Safe Online is a natural cornerstone for growing and expanding these efforts, ensuring continuity of service as well as new opportunities for cooperation.

Our efforts are deeply rooted in the fundamental rights and freedoms championed by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, General Comment no 25, and other key international standards and frameworks such as the Lanzarote Convention on Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse and the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime. These frameworks, including the WeProtect Global Alliance’s Model National Response, guide countries in safeguarding children from sexual exploitation and abuse.

Our purpose in detail

We are here to ensure every child and young person grows in to the digital world feeling safe, and is protected from harm.

We support, champion, and invest in innovative partners from the public, private, and third sectors working towards the same objective.

We believe in equipping guardians and young people with the skills to understand and see danger themselves once accessing digital experiences without supervision.

Our visions in detail

We will positively shape the digital world by being:

The trusted investment and technical partner of stakeholders developing effective and innovative solutions to tackling harms and threats.

A network at the heart of child online safety that listens, collaborates, and works with public, private and third sector actors to drive positive change.

An advocate for the rights and safety of children in the digital world.

Our mission in detail

Invest in Innovation: Innovate and accelerate solutions, tools, and research that protect children from digital harms and threats.

Nurture Unity: Create opportunities and spaces for productive discourse among all stakeholders, foster a more communicative and collaborative culture between them, and create an environment where they feel heard, valued, and empowered to work together towards common goals.

Build Global Evidence: Collaborate with stakeholders globally to facilitate the collection of localised insights, identify significant patterns and analyse actionable trends. Strengthen the global knowledge and capacity for protecting children and young people from digital harms and threats.

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