Dates for the diary


January 2024

15–19  | World Economic Forum, Davos

22-23 | ITU Council Working Group on Child Online Protection

23 | G7 Working Group

29–9 (Feb) | United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime concluding session  Ad Hoc Committee to Elaborate a Comprehensive International Convention on Countering the Use of ICTs for Criminal Purpose, New York

February 2024

6  | Safer Internet Day

6  | USAID Youth Digital Harms Symposium

12  | Deadline for EU consultation for planned extension of derogation to the ePrivacy Directive

12–14  | World Government Summit 2024, Dubai

March 2024

5  | Google Child Safety Summit

5-7  | ECPAT and Safe Online Regional Workshop and Safe Online Forum 

8  | International’s Women’s Day

11-14  | Interpol Annual Meeting

14  | ReDirection Webinar- Protect Children Finland

26-28  | InCyber Europe Forum

April 2024

8  | Global Age Assurance Standards Summit – ACCS

8  | VOICE project report launch- ECPAT

9-12  | Skoll World Forum

30  | European Virtual Forum 2024 – A Network of Trusted Flaggers– INHOPE

May 2024

9-10  | 2024 UN Civil Society Conference, Nairobi

16 | Dragon+ Outreach Event, Swansea University 

22 | PIER 24 Annual Conference

23 | INHOPE webinar on Gen AI and child sexual abuse

27-31  | Senegal Regional Workshop, Saly Senegal

June 2024

27  | All Tech is Human Summit, London

July 2024

11  | Safe Online and Giga event on Child Online Safety

22-24  | TrustCon, San Francisco, USA

August 2024

5-8  |Dallas CAC Conference, Dallas , USA

22-24 | ISPCAN Sweden 2024 Congress, Sweden

September 2024

16 | Responsible Tech Summit, New York, USA

17 | Safe Online and All Tech is Human online child safety event, New York, USA

20-24 | UN Summit of the Future, NY, USA- Global Compact

26-27 | Trust and Safety Research Conference, San Francisco, USA, Stanford  Internet Observatory

Featured news stories

Project VIC international

Our grantees Project VIC international Katalyst Countries involved:October 2017 – October 2019 Project VIC International will continue developing its KATALYST programme, which aims to boost countries’ technological and investigative capacity to combat online crimes against children. By working with local law enforcement, KATALYST will improve forensic and victim identification capabilities, and facilitate collaboration between

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11 new countries join flagship global initiative to combat online child sexual exploitation and abuse

In today’s increasingly digital world, the internet has become an integral part of children and young people’s lives, providing enormous opportunities for communication, education and entertainment. At the same time, it can also present a serious threat to their safety and well-being. Unfortunately, there is very little solid evidence available on the scale of these risks, which groups of children are more likely to be harmed, and where or how this happens.

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Universidad de Los Andes

Our grantees Universidad de Los Andes Prevention of Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in Latin America and Evaluation of Mitigation Strategies With Artificial Intelligence Countries involved:Colombia Through support from the Tech Coalition Safe Online Research Fund, Universidad de los Andes in partnership with Programa Aulas en Paz will use artificial intelligence

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We are here to ensure every child and young person grows in to the digital world feeling safe, and is protected from harm.

We support, champion, and invest in innovative partners from the public, private, and third sectors working towards the same objective.

We believe in equipping guardians and young people with the skills to understand and see danger themselves once accessing digital experiences without supervision.

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