Children Online Protection Lab - Request for EOI

The objective of this Request for Expressions of Interest (EOI) is to develop a better understanding of the COPL community’s priorities, identify ideas and resources and co-construct next steps of the experimentation process. This Request for Expressions of Interest is open until March 3, 2024.

Safe Online’s collaboration with the Children Online Protection Lab

As a key partner of the Children Online Protection Lab, Safe Online supports the Secretariat in the development of its programs. The COPL is working to mobilise resources that could be landed at Safe Online with its established grant-making infrastructure. Safe Online will provide support for the operationalisation of a Fund where it will be able to receive financial contributions from donors. With its robust grant-making and investment infrastructure, Safe Online will support the development of the subsequent Call for Proposals, selection and evaluation of experimentation projects. 

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How You Can Participate

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At this stage, submissions for both Calls are open to all; COPL supporters are warmly encouraged to participate.

Call for Ideas

Share a brief description of an experimentation idea you wish to develop, and the financial and non-financial resources needed for their implementation. 

Call for Resources

Share your organisations’ priorities on child online safety, and the financial and non-financial resources you could make available to support the development of the Laboratory’s experimentations.

Read more about the guidelines and requirements

The full Request for Expressions of Interest guidelines and an outline of both forms are available and can be downloaded in the links below. All final Expressions of Interest must be submitted via the online JotForm application. 


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Our purpose in detail

We are here to ensure every child and young person grows in to the digital world feeling safe, and is protected from harm.

We support, champion, and invest in innovative partners from the public, private, and third sectors working towards the same objective.

We believe in equipping guardians and young people with the skills to understand and see danger themselves once accessing digital experiences without supervision.

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