Our Evaluation Advisory Group

How do we work?

Safe Online formed the Evaluation Advisory Group (EAG) in 2022 to further strengthen our commitment to grow capacity to generate data and evidence on risks and threats to children in digital environments and to translate evidence of what works in tackling online CSEA into action, through our investments and through an increased presence within the global conversation. 

The EAG, composed of experts, academics, donors and practitioners, ensures that Safe Online can generate robust evidence from its investments on what works and what doesn’t to end online violence against children.

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Who we are

Children in the 21st century are growing up in the digital world. However, the internet was not designed with their safety in mind. Safe Online exists to make sure that the internet is safe for children, so that every child can take advantage of all the opportunities the internet has to offer.


2023 funding

Our ‘whole system’ approach aims to achieve maximum impact by supporting work across multiple sectors to address online child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA). We build on the vast amount of knowledge generated through Safe Online’s investments.


Recent news

Safe Online made strategic investments and supported the development of digital public goods – data, knowledge, resources, infrastructure and technology tools – that, once developed and piloted, could be adapted to multiple contexts. 

Safe Online Working Group

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Safe Online Evaluation Advisory Group

In their first year, the EAG provided technical guidance on the selection of projects from the existing portfolio that have the biggest potential for impact, scale and generation of knowledge on how to effectively tackle online CSEA. Based on the selection criteria, co-created by Safe Online and the EAG, projects from the Safe Online portfolio were invited to apply for funding as part of a new US $6.5 million investment round on Evidence Generation for Sustainable and Scalable Impact. To support the selection of the projects, the EAG considered their maturity, potential for impact, geographic and programmatic diversity and selected 8 projects under the new investment round

The goal is to make the right evidence reach the right people at the right time, so their decisions and investments are better informed, more equitable and more likely to ensure strong protections for children in the digital world
- Marija Manojlovic, Director, Safe Online

Going forward, the EAG will meet on a regular basis to review the progress and evaluation deliverables and also advise on the new Safe Online Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Framework that will provide guidance to the grantees on best MEL practices. The evidence and learnings generated through this funding round and the expertise of the EAG will help Safe Online’s joint global efforts to tackle online CSEA to become more efficient and effective, and guide future investments of Safe Online and other donors to where they have the potential to make the biggest impact. 

Meet the EAG members

Alessandra Tranquilli

WeProtect Global Alliance

Allon Yaroni

Oak Foundation

Elizabeth Dartnall

Sexual Violence Research Initiative

Kay Chau

Tech Coalition

Marina Apgar

Institute of Development Studies

Mattito Watson


Michael Seto

University of Ottawa

Raphaela Thynne

UK Home Office

Stuti Tripathi

Children’s Investment Fund Foundation

Thomas Muller

EPCAT International

Tom Aston

Independent Expert

Victoria Baines

Gresham College, City of London

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Our purpose in detail

We are here to ensure every child and young person grows in to the digital world feeling safe, and is protected from harm.

We support, champion, and invest in innovative partners from the public, private, and third sectors working towards the same objective.

We believe in equipping guardians and young people with the skills to understand and see danger themselves once accessing digital experiences without supervision.

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